Cucusoft DVD to iPod + iPod Video Converter Suite

Cucusoft DVD to iPod + iPod Video Converter Suite 8.16

This is an all-in-one iPod video conversion solution
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Cucusoft DVD to iPod + iPod Video Converter Suite is an all-in-one converter. An iPod (or iPhone) convert does a simple task, but is really overrated - it converts a file from one format to MP4. There are many applications that are "just" video converters, but can tackle the task of converting file A from AVI to MP4. Those files are perfectly playable on an iPod. The only extra thing that these iPod converters do (and not even all do) is let you select a MP4 profile, which establishes the quality of the files. The lowest the quality, the faster it will play on an iPod. I do not mean to judge an application just by its price tag, but all of the iPod converters are over-priced if we consider what they do. For this particular one, I can say that it does the job that it is commended. The only drawbacks that I could observe are that the user interface tends to be a little slower than other applications' and that the application itself lacks some customization files that make converting files so much easier. All that aside, this is an application that is well-made, and that it will undoubtedly convert all your files to a format that the iPod can play. It will also let you rip a DVD to iPod.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you to rip a DVD and convert files to iPod


  • The GUI was slow at times and the loading time could be better
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